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    Anti fog microfiber cloth 15x15cm.
    Ideal for all kind of lenses (glasses, cameras and so on). Contains special molecular , to prevent the optical product surface vapor condesnation, antifog layer for med on the surface.
    Multi use. More than 100 uses.

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    Portable alcohol nebulizer for  COVID-19.
    Light and easy to use.
    For a quick desinfection of small objects such as mobiles, keyboards, keys, money and so on.
    Battery: 450mAh.
    Usb charging.
    Chargiong time: 2 horas.
    Tank capacity 20ml.
    Weigth: 60g
    Measures: 115*32*32mm.

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    BADS photochromatic reading glassses, plastic with metal ornaments on the frame. With case, cloth and lace.

    Temples with flexo. Anti reflex lenses.

    Photochromatic lenses adapts to the environmental luminosity. Darkens in high light conditions and lightens in poorly lit environments.

    Powers: +1.00/+1.50/+2.00/+2.50/+3.00/+3.50

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    Plastic reading glasses. With compact case. Flat lenses.

    Lenses with UV filter against the blue light of screens.

    Powers: +1.00/+1.50/+2.00/+2.50/+3.00/+3.50



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