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  • UVSTE002 - Esterilizador


    UV sterilizer box. Ideal for smartphones, masks glasses, watches, and other small objects.
    Portable and easy to use.
    Power: 1W
    Max. power: 9wWave length: 253.7nm
    Product size: 227x125x50mm
    Inner size: 10x18x3cm.
    Smartphones max. capacity: 6.6 inches.
    Desinfection time: 5 min.
    Optional aromatherapy function
    Input: 2V

  • PT2L


    CE Regulation.

    Forehead infrared thermometer.

    Application distance: ≤ 3cm

    Measurment in one second.

    Sound (on/off configurable).

    Auto switch off (8 seconds).

    Low battery display.

    Range:32.0ºC~42.9 ºC

    Precision: ±0.2(35.0 ºC~42.0 ºC)

    ±0.3(32.0 ºC~35.0 ºC, 42.0 ºC~42.9 ºC)

    Battery: 3.0V(2×AAA)

    Fever alarm.

    Manufactured by I-Health.

  • GEL1L


    Hidralcoholic gel.

    Capacity: 1 Lit.

    Clean and sanitize.

    Apply on rubbing hands and let dry.